I had been in the Enloe family for about 2 years and had the honor of knowing Bethany far too short a time. Bethany and I didn’t have many “real conversations” but there was something drawing about her spirit that was neither intentional nor self-centered.

I felt compelled to see Bethany in two of her plays. I remember thinking how tired I was and how I could use the weekend rest at home but knew I “needed” to go see her perform. It was like I was drawn to go– for her, or was it for me.

Bethany performed in such a non assuming way it was second nature to her. The first play was one that none us could really figure out the meaning you just had to use your own imagination however, it conjured up some good conversation.

The second play was” the madrigal dinner” where she sang “the last rose of summer.” I enjoyed the play and her performance of the song was great. I love going to things like that and I probably could see some of her in me (when I was younger).

A lesson I learned from going to her performances was that we must follow our hearts when we are compelled to act on something. Had I not gone to see Bethany perform we would have missed out on something that connected us both.

Another time Gene and I went to Greenville, Bethany was in Neil and Elaine’s bed and it very early evening. When I went in, she sat up and hugged me, even as sick as she was. I was disturbed that she was still sick and I felt something was not right. I remember mentioning this to gene when we left.

Although time did not permit for Bethany and my relationship to richly develop I always felt a closeness to her and her spirit I could not describe- and still can’t. I realize how blessed I am god sent me this angel who quietly and softly whispered her spirit into my life.

Ina Enloe (Bethany’s aunt)