Her Story

The Kiss
Fun in the tub

She had struggled with cancer after being diagnosed on the first of July of the same year

The pathology of the cancer was never defined and was finally described as “primitive” and not matching any protocol.

These pages describe her faith, her intense love for her Lord and His work, and her love for family and friends.

Thanks to our friend Tim for the name “Bethany’s Place” and the idea of what a web page could be. Also the page, as you see it today, would not exist without our Christian friends, Phil and Sharon and their son and daughter, Adam and Sarah who constructed the initial page.

Your rewards are not of this world but of the one to come.

Most of all we want to give honor, glory, and praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ who is worthy of our praise. With this page, we do not seek to lift up Bethany, but only to draw you to the Savior she loved and served.

“The Lord Bless You and Keep You, The Lord Make His Face Shine Upon You. The Lord Lift His Countenance Upon You and Give You Peace.”
Number 6:24-26