Her Faith

Bethany and Haitian Children
Little friend in Peru

The Edge Memorial

The Edge is a weeklong Presbyterian camp for middle school kids held at Covenant College each summer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As you will see and read on the video, the Edge was one of Bethany’s greatest joys on this earth. This video was played at a memorial service in her honor the year after she went “home”. Permanent scholarships have been established in recognition of her love for the kids, the camp, and her Savior.

The words displayed in the video are excerpts from her journals.

The Certainty of Faith

by Pastor Smith | Reflecting on the faith of old as well as modern day faith. The sermon reflects on Bethany’s life here on earth.


Learn about the most important thing in Bethany’s life.


Just a great moral teacher or was Jesus something more?

Some people claim he’s a great teacher. Others think he’s a prophet. Some dismiss him as a liar or even a madman.

Millions hail him as Savior and Lord. Whatever people think of him, nobody can deny that he stands at the very crux of human history.

The biblical record of his life shows that Jesus was born to a virgin, lived a sinless life, taught throughout Palestine for about three years, was crucified and then rose back to life three days after his death. The Bible claims that more than 500 people saw him alive after this miraculous event. How could a mere man have lived such a life? The miracles Jesus performed, his death on the cross, his resurrection, his ascent to heaven–all point to the fact that he was no ordinary leader.