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HOME ~by Bethany Enloe

As the Darkness Faded…

The dim light filled its place.
Where there was once black,
Is now a new morning…

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As the Darkness Faded…

The dim light filled its place.
Where there was once black,
Is now a new morning.
The light is brighter now,
Making everything clearer.
I feel as if I had slept for 1,000 years,
Yet it was only a night.
Or was it?

A walk would be nice,
Yes, a walk.
To clear my head,
And gather my thoughts.
I know I am awake
Yet I feel that I am dreaming.
This could not be a dream,
for it is too real.
But can reality deceive?
Is reality equal to truth?
No, Truth is not equal to reality.
Truth is the Way.
The Right Way.
The Way that guides us Home.
Life is where Home is.
Am I Home?

Familiar Faces.
So many familiar faces,
Though no names come to mind.
Do I know these people?
Have we met before?
No, I can surely say we haven’t.
Or, can I?
They are all so different,
But I can’t tell them apart.
I must know them.
I have to know them.
But, I don’t.
Or, I think I don’t.

To describe this feeling would be difficult,
But I will try.
It is like meeting a brother
You never knew existed.
Or seeing a close friend,
You haven’t talked to in years.
It’s comfortable.
Like Home.
Yes, Home.
I must be Home.

Was that my name I heard?
Did someone call my name?
Yes, that’s my name.
Who knows me?
How much do they know about me?
Is it someone I know?
It must be,
For they know my name.

I see Him now.
Yes, it is Him.
He is calling my name.
Do I know Him?
I feel as if I do,
But I have never seen His face.
I can safely say
I have never seen His face.
But it seems so familiar.
I know His voice,
But I have never heard it.
Or have I?
I have spoken to Him,
many times.
And He to me,
Yet, am I sure who He is?

His voice is warm and loving,
His arms are open and inviting.
His embrace is strong and comforting.
Have I been here before?
He is firm and caring,
Like a Father.
He listens and comforts,
Like a Friend.
His presence is full and eternal,
Like a Spirit.
How could I not know His face?

He is talking now.
Answering all my questions.
He is becoming more and more familiar
But wait,
Where am I?
Do I know where I am?
It is so familiar,
Yet, I have never been here before,
Nor do I want to leave.
I think I will stay.
Yes, I will stay.
This will be my Home.
I like the sound of that.
I’ve never felt at Home before.
Maybe because I have never been,
Until now.

(Written by Bethany Enloe in the 8th grade while trying to cope with the death of her uncle, Gerald Enloe; her 11 year old friend, Nancy Leigh Wilburn; and her mother’s best friend, Carol Broadwell.)

Boo’s Testimony for The Edge 1999

I am blessed with a wonderful Christian family. I was raised going to church every Sunday and encouraged to have a personal relationship with Christ at a young age. I was in sixth grade when I realized what a relationship with Christ was, and when I made a real commitment to Christ.


Boo’s Favorite Hymn...

Once Upon A Time

I was born on January 17, 1983 in Presbyterian Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee. My mother was in labor for eleven hours, but it was worth the trouble. At approximately one PM a baby girl was placed into her father’s arms.

When You Say Nothing at All…

The Last Rose of Summer…

Words for The Last Rose Of Summer - Click to read more...

Sung by Bethany Enloe

‘Tis The Last Rose of Summer

‘Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming all alone,
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone.
No flower of her kindred,
No rose bud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
Or give sigh for sigh.

I’ll not leave thee, thou lone one,
To pine on the stem;
Since the lovely are sleeping,
Go sleep thou with them;
‘Thus kindly I scatter
Thy leaves o’er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden
Lie scentless and dead.

So soon may I follow
When friendships decay,
And from love’s shinning circle
The gems drop away!
When true hearts lie withered
And fond ones are flown
Oh! Who would inhabit
This bleak world alone?

Sir John Stevenson, 1761-1833

As told by her father, Neil…

“When we talked of her cancer and what might happen, she said, ‘Daddy, the worst thing that could happen to me would be the best thing that could happen to me.’ I cried.

Oh God forgive me for my lack of vision.

I told her I would take the cancer for her if I could. Without hesitation she said ‘No, Daddy, this burden is mine and I have to carry it to see what Jesus has for me.’

Oh, God forgive me for my lack of vision.”