It is not possible for me to say anything about Bethany that would adequately show how special and wonderful she was. My thoughts about her are plentiful, but hard to put into words.

Bethany was a wonderful God loving beautiful girl and was a great friend. For anyone who knew her personally, this is nothing new. We were friends for quite a few years and I was privileged to know her well. I have many memories and stories from our friendship that I think of often. She was very unique in many ways. I loved the way that she was so tender and sweet but wanted to be so tough and strong. I never saw her cry like many other girls I have known. I have heard many times that she only cried in the shower where nobody could see her.

The most awesome thing about Bethany was that she had a very deep and real relationship with her Savior. It was evident that she was in love with Jesus. It wasn’t anything that she did overtly to let you know that she had a relationship with the Lord, but you could just tell by the way she lived. She was kind to everyone and treated others as she wanted to be treated. Just one smile from her made you feel welcomed and happy. It truly was God’s love shining through her. Even when she was sick, she was focused on God. She had a grace and peace that could not come from anywhere else.

Boo had many talents and she wanted to use them all for Christ. She was very smart and worked hard in school because that was the job God had given her for the time. She was a great actress and was very pretty and she used that to glorify God as well. She loved Missions and was involved with it regularly. She gave of her time to do the Edge skits and to help at church. She had a great voice and helped with the music for the youth group. She really knew what the important things in life were.

Now that it has been 4 years since Bethany has gone home, I can look back and see how God has used her life, and even more her death, to glorify Himself. I have seen and heard about people who have come to know the Lord as their own Savior because of her testimony. I have seen the Edge start scholarships available for kids in Bethany’s name. I have seen a missions fund develop to help people get to the mission field. I, myself, have been a recipient of some of that support and it has gone towards a great ministry in Slovakia.

Even though it still hurts after these years, it has only confirmed in me that God is in control. He had a plan for Bethany during her life and when it was fulfilled, He brought her home.

I am only saddened about the death of Bethany when I think of how I will not get to see her for a long time and how she is missed by her family. I rejoice when I think about her being perfectly healthy and in the arms of her true lover, Jesus. I look forward to the day when I can see her again and even more to when I can see Jesus.

I have so much that I want to say, but I will leave it at this. Bethany is greatly missed, but I thank God that he allowed me to know her for the years that I did. It was and is a blessing straight from Him.

Noah Temple -February 7, 2006