I found a poem, that I think was made into a hymn, that I sent to Bethany before her surgery. I told her that I was praying for this kind of faith for me and for her.

O for a faith that will not shrink,
thought pressed by every foe,
that will not tremble on the brink
of any earthly woe!
That will not murmur or complain
beneath the chastening rod,
but, in the hour of grief or pain,
will lean upon its God.
A faith that shines more bright and clear
when tempest rage without;
that when in danger knows no fear,
in darkness feels no doubt.
Lord, give me such a faith as this;
And then, whate’er may come,
I’ll taste, e’en now, the hallowed bliss
of an eternal home.
-William A. Bathurst

I think that the Lord really did give Bethany a faith like that last summer and I know she is tasting eternal bliss in her heavenly home. I think, too, that, no matter how you may feel now, that the Lord gave y’all a faith like that too. He was at work in your hearts as you grieved for her, because I know that wasn’t Neil and Elaine I saw those few days I was in Orlando with you – it was Jesus working through you. Please know of our prayers for you. I love you both!

An email from Lynn Erickson, Her D Group leader and friend in September 2002