Below is my Facebook post for today. I will try to have Ryan’s Prom Letter placed on the page but until then you will have to read it on Facebook. Blessings to all of you.
Today marks the 12th year anniversary of Bethany going “Home”. Elaine and I every year think, “Ok , it has been so long that everyone but us will have forgotten.” Then God opens the window a little wider and gives us a glimpse of His Holy Spirit at work- a timeless work!
A month or so ago, we were sent an email with a…

…Letter written by Ryan Donell in 2012, Bethany’s prom date, to high school kids.
It is a little long but I have posted his email granting permission and his letter.
Thank you Ryan for being open and allowing our Heavenly Father to use your testimony for the valuable life lessons He teaches us.

“Dear Neil and Elaine,

Thank you for writing me. If my letter honors her, then I’m happy for you to distribute it as you see fit.

I remember those words “just want Jesus” that she wrote have stuck with me. They remind me of that passage where Paul says, “though you have not seen him, you love him…”

Bethany is still lodged deeply in my memory. I never prayed or fasted for anything more in my life than for her during that time. She was sick and I was in Argentina. I was jealous of everyone else who was able to be close to her. But maybe it forced me towards prayer more than if I’d actually been there.

When she died, it was the first time i felt the sharp sense that this friend who was once with me is now in Jesus’ physical presence. And it was one if the first times that the hope if the final resurrection became acute.

I know that even though she is in God’s presence that she awaits a final glorious resurrection. It is no little comfort to me that we share that same hope with her today.”

Thanks again-
Ryan Donell
Grace Church | Minister to High School Students & Families

Neil and Elaine
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Neil and Elaine -Friday, October 18, 2013

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