Written By Marcus Myers and sang by Shane Williams, both of Silers Bald

It’s never quite as still
As when I sit and stare
Into your eyes I wander off again
Cause when I think of you
You’re only washed away
By fear and doubt
And every breathe I take.

Marcus_BethanyI wish I could believe
But it’s easier said than done
The truth is that it hurts you’re gone.
Everywhere I go you’re there
Every word I say you hear
The things we’d spoken face to face
They’re ringing in my ears.

Can’t see the wind begin
Bethany_Marcus_LaurenOr see the ocean end
Can’t sit with you
And dream what might have been.
Do you think that maybe soon
You could send me just a sign
That Jesus reigns
And everything is fine.

Do you ever look down
shane-and-bethanyThrough the rain and the clouds
Watching us running around
Town after town
For the lost and the found
Crowd after crowd
For you.