I see her now
She is more beautiful than ever
The rainbows, the mountains, the valleys grow envious of her newfound beauty
She sings
The glorious tone of praise echoes forth
She cries
But no more tears of sorrow
No more tears of pain
She cries for joy
For now she sees face to face
The face of hope
The face of love
The face of salvation
She runs to Him
His hands wipe the tears from her eyes
All is forgiven
All is forgotten
All is loved away
She speaks
Words of regret
Words of gratitude
Words of praise
His eyes welcome her home
His face shines upon her
His love resounds
She kneels before her King
A new creation
All has been healed
All has been made new
All has been loved away
She smiles
She rejoices
For now she sees her treasure
Face to face

By Jason Enloe (Bethany’s cousin)